Info for Class at my shop in Lyme

Each Spring I teach classes. The last class I do each year is at my shop in Lyme, generally in June. In some ways this is the most fun place to teach, as everything is there: prints, books, tools, odd stuff that might be calling for experiment. I have posted photos of teaching at the shop in the Blog.


Introduction to Japanese Color Woodblock Printmaking using the Zoom format

Hanga printing class by Zoom? 
Yes. We did it last June and I was amazed how well it worked.  Students shared regrets they couldn’t get a feel for exactly how moist to make the paper, exactly how much pressure to use with the baren, and other fine points.  Though they were appreciative of the class and made some great projects, there was a success to the experience I thought students didn't appreciate fully: 
they had set up to work on their own in the their own spaces!  For me this was huge.  I was so pleased to realize, after packing up tools and materials I had set up to do the class, that students were back in their own spaces all set up and ready to pursue a next project.   Awesome!

The date:

April 10 & 11, 2021,  with the option to continue one more day, Monday, April 12. 

The Terms:
Tuition is for the two days $410, add the third day for a total of $455. This includes a studio materials fee, but does not include a tools deposit of $447. 
The way we made that class work back in June was I sent out kits to everyone that included everything they needed to complete their print projects.  Carving tools, a murasaki baren, a printing jig for registration, brushes, these tools could be purchased (and kept) or returned for all or some of the deposit.  Pigments, paste, paper, blocks, these were included as supplies in the package and are covered by the tuition payment described above.  An additional cost covered shipping. 


- $410 (or $455 for 3 days) for the class tuition
- $392 for the tools deposit (murasaki baren)
- $252 for the tools deposit (standard baren)
- $15 -  $40 for shipping, depending on your location

Total outlay: between $425 ($435 because you will need to cover return shipping of the kit) and $917. That last amount is if you do all three days, keep all the tools, and live in CA or some other far off region.

The class follows a series of four sessions.  We start at 9am on the Saturday morning and aim to finish up at 4:30pm on Sunday afternoon.
Saturday:  9 - 12; 1 -4.
Sunday: 9 -  12; 1 -4. 

There is a talk and demonstration of steps of the process at the beginning of each session.  They are:
- introduction to getting imagery onto your block(s)
- carving and sharpening
- introduction to printing (with a focus on making paste, using the pigments, handling the paper)
- more about printing (with a focus on the brushes and the baren)

We keep the Zoom sessions open for the full three hours.  Much of the time you will find yourself working along in your own space but aware through your computer Zoom portal of the company of others also working away.  Suggested to purchase is an i-phone holder to be able to run a second window so we can see your work area. 

The Third Day: Normally I teach a the class in a three-day format but have several times condensed this format to two days.  This particular class is a collaboration with Melanie Levitt and her Jackson Design Center in Jackson, NH; it is a completion of a class that was cancelled last Spring.  We know it will run as Melanie has a number of students already signed up.  I am adding the third day as an option for students who might sign up and want to go further.  The third day may make possible the creation of a portfolio exchange, a nice element to the class that we normally do (you make a print for each of the other students in the class and receive a portfolio of everyone's work).  It may involve just a few students, but might prove to be an interesting and quite creative time.

We plan to limit the class to 12 participants and haven't worked out yet whether we will have one “live" in person student. 

To sign up for this class: 
A deposit of $200 holds your spot in the class.  If you wish to participate or know more, please send me an email.

Matt Brown . . . . . . . 23 Washburn Hill Rd. Lyme, NH 03768 . . . . . . 603-795-4619. . . . . .
Matt Brown . . . . . . . 23 Washburn Hill Rd. Lyme, NH 03768 . . . . . . 603-795-4619. . . . . .