Matting & Framing

The Real Shop:

The Shop
Here is a view of the Lyme, NH shop where I work. This is a building
I built in 1997 and it is where the prints are made.






All matting materials are museum quality, acid-free, to print only prices add an additional $15.

For prints framed in a natural wood frame (cherry, walnut, oak, or maple) there is an additional charge of $50 - $90, depending on frame size.

We frame using a True Vue picture glass.  We can frame with a museum quality reflection-free glass called True-Vue UV-70 for an additional $30.

Here is a frame in oak.


Here is one in cherry.


walnut & cherry frames
Here are cherry (left) and walnut.
maple and oak
Here are oak (left) and maple.
  Book About the Universe
"Book about the Universe" in cherry

Lakes in walnut
"Lakes of the Clouds" in walnut


Snow on Cannon
"Snow on Cannon Mtn." in walnut


Please note, colors over the Internet may be deceiving. The walnut is the darker wood (a deep brown, not very red). The cherry is reddish, darkening a bit over time. The oak has a pronounced grain and the maple is very light. The bulk of our prints are framed in either cherry or walnut. Should you wish to have oak or maple frames, we can still do this.

If you wish for your print to look the very best, I offer an option of framing in a True-Vue reflection free glass called UV-70, for an additional $30.  This glass, similar to museum glass but offering a little less in UV protections, cuts significantly glare on the the glass. Quite effective, depending on the lighting where you may be hanging your print, it can add considerable to the look and enjoyment of your print.

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