When I ship prints to folks I usually imagine "no-news is good news". Sometimes however I will find in my e-mail inbox a note (and, very rarely, there might be a trouble . . . like the time in 2010 when we shipped to a woman the wrong print!).
I have included a few of those messages here.


logoHi Matt. We love the print. So much so that it will be hard to give it away for a gift. 😃


L. M., in MA, 4.9.18.

I wanted to let you know that the print of Camel’s Hump arrived safely. It’s beautiful. Lovely. Very nicely framed.

Thank you,

C. F. in Cleveland, 3/29/18.

logoMatt –
Just wanted to let you know that I received the print in the mail earlier today. It arrived undamaged and looks beautiful! Now I need to figure out where to hang it, in my living room or my bedroom.
Thanks so much!

A.T. in CA, 2/14/18.

logoYes, thank you, thought I had sent a note to you that I have received it.
It is really lovely and I am so delighted that I pulled the trigger.
Delivery was amazingly fast -- seemed like it was only a day or two after I put in the order.
Your work process is amazing and I love that you are practicing in this process. My daughter is an art critic for a number of glossy magazines and was also impressed with the technique.
I think we will need to at some point have a companion to it.

E.S. in VT, 2/13/18.

logoHi Matt:
The print arrived on Monday. It is beautiful. The frame color works great! Can't wait to give to my husband on his birthday next week.
Thanks so much.

B.M. in NC, 3/18/17.

logoThanks so much, they arrived today and are stunning. I purchased a framed print of "Washington from Little Haystack" this summer when I was visiting NH, so this makes 4.

G. from MA, 1/30/17.

logoJust a quick note to let you know that the print arrived with no problems. We like the print very much, but if you do a third state we would be interested in seeing it and possibly trading up if warranted. After viewing the "Water and Shadow" exhibit highlighting the work of Kawase Hasui at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts I have come to appreciate not only art form of wood block printing but the process to create the work itself.

T.K. in VA, 1/26/16.

logo Hi,
We gave B the Eve on Winni yesterday for his birthday.
So now the secret surprise is over and I am emailing you from our email. It came through just fine and it is beautiful.
A A from MA, 11/14.

logoHi Matt, just wanted to say thanks for the quick shipping. They loved the print.


J. in Brooklyn, 9/14.

logoHi Matt,

I received the print in the mail yesterday and it looks perfect with the cherry frame!
Thanks so much for processing the order and shipping it out so quickly.

Take Care,
C. C. in Haverhill, MA, 3/14.

logoGreetings Matt,
We received our print and we love it!
It arrived to us safe and sound, and we could not be happier.
The frame looks great and the print itself is beautiful.
We look forward to enjoying this for years to come. M. L. in MD, 1/22/14.

logoI wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the prints that I bought from you last year. I love the design and color, and have come to admire their atmospheric, painterly qualities. They’re on a wall in my bedroom, where they have a dialog with a set of Hokusai prints from “36 Views of Mount Fuji” on one wall, and two Ansel Adams prints on another.Wishing you a great Holiday Season,

L. in NYC, 12/13

logoMatthew, your print arrived today in perfect condition, and it is beautiful! Thank you so much. Enjoy the coming of spring!
T & D, 4/18/2013
logoHi, Matt!
Your print arrived today (wonderfully packaged, thanks), and I'm very happy
with it. It's beautiful!
Thank you so much!
Best, T., in IL., 4/2013.

logogood morning Matt,
I received the print the day after we spoke..
thank you so much…
it is of course, lovely
S., 3/2013

logoI'm sure you hear it all the time: Your work is beautiful. This is the second piece of yours we have.
Many thanks,

The print “Boardwalk at Matinicus” arrived safely. Thank you.

It’s a spectacular print – gorgeous work. I’m thrilled to have it. I’ll be back in touch about other prints going forward.
All the best,
H (1/2013)

The wood block print arrived yesterday..I did call ..your son said he would let you know of it's safe arrival..and the recipient likes it so very much..thank you, thank you...
A. T. from CA.

. logoMatt,

Thanks for the swap. You are well displayed at my firm's office, which we've transformed to double as a place for D. to curate with VT artisans.

A. from VT

Thanks again
E. in Oregon.

logoHi Matt,

I hung the new Camels Hump print and it's beautiful. The contrast in the sky is excellent and the greens and yellows of the fields and foreground are really nicely balanced. Gorgeous printing job! Thank you for taking on this little project, I really appreciate it.

Sending the other print back to you with a check enclosed to cover your shipping costs.

Thanks again
E. in Oregon.

The woodcut prints arrived today. They are in perfect condition, they are
beautifully framed, and they look terrific on the wall of our bedroom.

The only negative is that each morning, as Kathy gets up, she will be reminded
that she is not in Vermont.
E. in New Haven, CT

"Along Franconia Ridge" arrived today and it is fantastic! As a skier, and hiker of Cannon Mt and Franconia Ridge and a printmaker, I was blown away by your woodcuts! Many thanks for sending it so promptly! I can't wait to frame it and hang it in my house. Where do you show your work? Do you have a website?

I thought this year's Boston Printmaker's Show was the best ever and your work stayed with me when I got home, forcing me to call and order it!

Thanks again for sending ti so quickly and for creating such elegant woodcuts!
P T in Atkinson, NH

I received your print "Moon over Mt Desert Island" as ordered. It is beautiful, as expected, and in perfect shape. There was a gouge on the outside cardboard sheet that only went through one layer - confirming the need for the protection you use. The only problem I have is holding on to it until Christmas - it may end up as a get well gift since my sister is having bilateral hip replacement soon.

My husband's reaction was "let's keep it" but he was dissuaded upon seeing your other work - his favorite is "Snow on Cannon Mountain" and I plan to be ordering it.

Your prints seem to me to embody Hanga (as much as I know); your blog is a model for mixed personal-professional blogging; great photos. You convey an integrity of work and life that is achievable independent of where you live or what you do. I can relate to it even as a doctor in urban Milwaukee.

V. G. in Milwaukee

My beautiful print arrived in the mail today, and I immediately hung it up!


logoDear Matt,
Just want to let you know that your print arrived in perfect condition and that we love it, it is a beautiful addition to our life (makes the rest of it look shabby though) and much admired.

Thank you,
M. R.

logoDear Matt,
Our picture of "Along Franconia Notch" arrived in perfect condition. We
have it hanging in our family run on the wall we planned while we were at
the fair.

We love your work,
T and J

Received our Camel's Hump print today (Nov.1) in perfect condition. We love it . Thanks so much.
J. B.

logoJust telling you I got the print. Perfect condition. And more beautiful than I even imagined. Thx for your care in packaging. Have a wonderful holiday.

logoHi Mr. Brown,
I wanted to thank you for the quick turn around on the Hussey Sound print.
It is quite lovely and we are glad to have it. It is the first piece of
original artwork we have purchased for our home.

Happy New Year!

Thank you for following up!
It actually arrived the day after I inquired about it- well before your estimated arrival. Your packing job was exceptional. It arrived with a bit of a bend, and a gash/dent in the exterior, so I unwrapped it just to be sure the handling hadn't reached the print. Sure enough, the print remained pristine! I repacked it and wrapped it as it was, just so it wouldn't be damaged in "Christmas handling".
Mari was surprised and elated. She, too, preferred the 2nd state, and said that was the one she'd had in mind.
We've got it in a subtle black frame, and on the wall in her "office" where she can look at it often and be inspired.

At any rate, thanks again for a great print, and great service, which all made a great gift possible!

B and M in Md.

logohello matt...we received the print today and it's lovely! thank you so much for your quick response.
looking forward to more of your work...L. MA

logoThank you for shipping the Pemaquid print so quickly. It arrived today
in perfect condition. Regards, L. M.

logoThe print came Friday, arrived just fine and was worth the wait! I am glad you did a 3rd state edition, it will be hung with other two prints that I have of yours.
Thanks, D. S.

The print arrived in good order, and it's really terrific. We are going to hang it next to a woodblock print we have by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (Lady-Gosechi) It's a very different scene, but complementary.

logoHi Matt,

I spoke with you last week about your Camels Hump print. I just wanted to follow up and let you know that I got it with plenty of time and it was a very well received b-day present. Thanks for all your help and expedited ship & hndlng.

I hope to make it to your studio someday so I can appreciate how you create these pieces.


logoThe print arrived in perfect condition and is hanging where I pass it often.
I love it and I wish you spent a little more time in Vermont as I feel
vaguely disloyal enjoying pictures from New Hampshire so much. Your work is
simple and complex at the same time and I know I will never tire of this
scene that seems so familiar and yet so unattainable and mythic. I am
obviously not an art expert, hope that makes sense, or I could just say it
sure is beautiful!

M. in VT

logoHi Matt

The print arrived yesterday without incident. It looks beautiful. Thanks so much. Have a great summer.

E. R. in ME

logoHi Matt,

We received our prints today without incident – so completely lovely! Can’t wait to hang!


And a few more photos of prints in folks' offices and homes:

"Boardwalk at Matinicus" in a metal frame


An arrangement with a pair of Rockwell Kent images.


walnut & cherry frames
Here are cherry (left) and walnut.
maple and oak
In an office waiting room.

Lakes in walnut
"Lakes of the Clouds" in walnut


Snow on Cannon
"Snow on Cannon Mtn." in walnut


Colors over the Internet may be deceiving. The walnut is the darker wood (a deep brown, not very red). The cherry is reddish, darkening a bit over time. The oak has a pronounced grain and the maple is very light. The bulk of our prints are framed in either cherry or walnut. Should you wish to have oak or maple frames, we can do that as well.

And, just to make things complicated, if you wish for your print to look the very best, I offer an option of framing in museum glass (this is the top of the line glazing: non-glare, UV protecting), for an additional $30. The museum glass can add a lot in places where there may be glare reflections on the glass.

Matt Brown . . . . . . . 23 Washburn Hill Rd. Lyme, NH 03768 . . . . . . 603-795-4619. . . . . .