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My craft of hanga printmaking owes much to hours spent with books. The few on the right include some of my favorites.

The list of web-sites includes a few favorites as well. Dave Bull's Baren Encyclopedia is a great resource for woodblock printmaking.












David Bull
has a comprehensive list of books on hanga printmaking on his Encyclopedia of Woodblock Printmaking web-site.

Japanese Print-making, - Toshi Yoshida and Rei Yuki, Charles Tuttle Co., Rutland, VT, 1966.

Technique of the Colour Woodcut, - Walter Phillips, Brown-Robertson, 1926.

The Japanese Print
- Frank Lloyd Wright, Horizon Press, New York, 1967.

Japanese Wood-Block Printing
- Hiroshi Yoshida, Tokyo 1939

Colour Woodcuts - John Platt, London 1948

Woodblock Printing - Frank Morley Fletcher, 1916.  Published in e-book form by David Bull in 2006.

Web Sites:

David Bull, a Canadian hanga print-maker living and working in Tokyo....there are literally hours of reading, looking, and exploring opportunities in this site. Parts I have most enjoyed include "The Romance of the Woodblock Print", and descriptions of visits by Mr. Bull to the Brush-maker, the Paper-maker, the Publisher, etc... (go to the "Newsletter", then click on "Index" to find).

The Baren Encyclopedia for Woodblock Printmaking, an on-line resource for technical information about hanga printmaking, set up and maintained by Dave Bull. Includes excerpts from some of the few reference books on the subject written in English (classics that are not easy to find). Material is organized by topic, so this is a handy way to get a quick look-see on particular issues of interest., shin-hanga prints, some contemporary work.

Israel Goldman Japanese Prints   Israel Goldman, PO Box 584, London NW3 1EQ.  +44 (0) 20 7794 2686.
    Izzy and I are both class of 1980 and graduating from Harvard College in 1981.  We were both residents of Lowell House during our years at the college.  Izzy's interest in Japanese prints was established during his time at Harvard; it took me another 17 years to get there and I am still working hard to catch up. Izzy started his work as a dealer of Japanese prints right after college in 1982 and today he is one of the "big boys" in the field.

Scholten Gallery, 145 West 58th St., Suite 6D, New York, New York 10019, directed by Katherine Martin. 
    Strong offering of ukiyo-e, shin hanga, and contemporary woodblock prints.

Sebastian Izzard Fine Art, 17 East 76th St., 3rd floor, New York, NY, . 
    Sebastian is author of Kunisada and His World,  the 1993 publication which opened up the current re-evaluation of Kunisada's work. Sebastian is also likely the nation's foremost expert on the paintings of Kunisada.  He has in his gallery an impressive collection of scroll paintings spanning a significant part of Kunisada's long career.

The Energy Theory of Color, a collaborative project with Prof. Ming Meng, exploring an invented system for working and thinking about color and related matters of visual thinking.

The Verne Gallery, 2207 Murray Hill Rd., Cleveland, Ohio.
    Michael represents Japanese artists and artists who have studied in Japan, both old and new, shin hanga and contemporary.  He has represented my prints for years, along with numerous contemporaries such as Daniel Kelly, Paul Binnie, Sarah Hauser, Micah Schwaberow.

Walter Phillips, Printmaker. Web site authored by Roger Boulet. Lots of wonderful woodblock print images.

Matt Brown . . . . . . . 23 Washburn Hill Rd. Lyme, NH 03768 . . . . . . 603-306-6547. . . . . .