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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered on the right, feel free to call or send me an inquiry.

The Real Shop:

The Shop
Here is a view of the Lyme, NH shop where I work. This is a building
I built in 1997 and it is where the prints are made.

Frame RoomIf you come by the place to look at prints we go down to the Frame Room. This is where we do the framing and shpping and where the finished prints live.


-What if I order a print and am unhappy with it after I receive it?

We want you (or your gift recipient) to be pleased with your Matt Brown print purchase. If you are not satisfied with your order, just send it back. I will give you full credit on a returned purchase or credit towards the purchase of another print. You pay the return shipping costs.

-What if I order a print in a frame and realize after I receive it that I would like it framed differently?

Return shipping is on you, but I am happy to have back most any print that I have framed.

-How are the prints labeled? I can see penciling at the bottom of the prints, what does it say?

All prints are signed and labeled by me (or some other saint who has neat penmanship) in pencil indicating:
number of particular print/edition size . . . . title . . . . printing date(month and year). . . . signature (by me).

-How can I see these prints "in the flesh"?

Visit the Calendar to find a listing of events at which I plan to show my prints. and "about galleries" for a list of galleries which exhibit my prints. You are also welcome to call and visit here in Lyme (603-795-4619). Folks are often quite interested to see where the prints are made (and to sometimes catch me printing).

-What does "second state, third state" mean?

A print marked "second state" is one to which I have made significant changes in the blocks and colors. It belongs to a new edition which is unique(obviously distinguishable from any previous editions(s). See below for examples of the changes that made to "Morning Glory Morning".

Morning Glory 1st
Morning Glory 2nd
"Morning Glory Morning", first state, edition 14
"Morning Glory Morning", second state, edition 100

-How long does it take to make a print?

Some prints I have worked on for years before they are released. The short answer is:
"It takes a long time, longer than you would think."

Matt Brown . . . . . . . 23 Washburn Hill Rd. Lyme, NH 03768 . . . . . . 603-795-4619. . . . . . ooloo@valley.net