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On Jun 2, 2020, at 9:11 PM, Gerlinde Lehner <> wrote:
1. I am not quite sure about the watercolor pigments... what is your request around these?  I have some pure pigments from a egg tempra class that I might be able to use?
these are just the pigments, no binder?  If so, they would be just what you want.

2.  You would like us to have several image ideas.... and 4-5 copies of each…yes?
well its the image ideas that count.  If you have the ability to make copies at your house (on a digital printer for instance), you don’t need to do the copying ahead of class time.
3.  Are you providing a black? 
yes there is a black in the kit.

4. Will you provide guidance about aligning each layer (registering)…
yes.  In the first session you will learn about the basic tricks to be able to set blocks up for carving that will be registered and able to work together to build your image.
PS.   Would you mind if I share your questions and my answers with the group?  Yesterday I would have asked to do it on the facebook page I started a few days ago.  Now I am wondering if there is bit of a facebook boycott developing and am thinking to use a page on my own web-site for resources for the class.  












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