Info for Class by Zoom

Each Spring I teach classes.  During the Covid years of 2020/21 many classes were cancelled, but I used the difficulty to develop an approach I had been thinking of for years, remote teaching online.  The main goal?  Helping folks to make hanga prints in their own workspaces under their own initiative.

The Zoom classes have been successful, largely due to a comprehensive kit I mail out including all tools and materials required.

I have posted photos of teaching at the shop in the Blog.


Introduction to Japanese Color Woodblock Printmaking using the Zoom format, taught in collaboration with the Concord Art Association, Concord, MA, May 14 - 16, 2022.

Hanga printing class by Zoom? 
Yes. I have led two 3-day Zoom workshops and am impressed at how well it worked.  Students shared regrets they couldn’t get a feel for exactly how moist to make the paper, exactly how much pressure to use with the baren, and a few other fine points.  Appreciative of the class and having made some great projects, there was a not-so-obvious success to the experience that I think participants didn't fully realize: 
they had set up to work on their own in their own spaces! 
This is huge.  Often folks take my classes and leave very enthused, but find it hard to get things together to work at home.  I was so pleased to realize, after we finished up and signed off our Zoom sessions, that students were back in their own spaces all set up with tools and materials, ready to pursue their next projects.   Awesome!

The Terms:
Tuition for the three days is $550 ($500 if you are a CAA member).  In addition to the tuition is payable a tools and materials fee of $85 plus $15 -  $40 for shipping, depending on your location. Additionally is required a tools deposit of either $325 or $475, depending on the style of baren you wish to try.  This tools kit includes brushes, carving tools, a printing jig, think of it as a start on the tools you would want to be able to make hanga prints in your own studio. Also required is that you have a good internet connection.
The way we made that class work back in June was I sent out kits to everyone that included everything they needed to complete their print projects.  Carving tools, a murasaki baren, a printing jig for registration, brushes, these tools could be purchased (and kept) or returned for all or some of the deposit.  Pigments, paste, paper, blocks, these were included as supplies in the package and are covered by the tuition payment described above.  An additional payment using the stripe portal covers shipping, it will take a bit of e-mailing to work out ship cost (depending on your location). 


- $550 for the class tuition
- $85 for materials paper, blocks, pigments, paste, use of the tools
- $475 for the tools deposit (murasaki baren)
- $325 for the tools deposit (standard baren)
- $20  -  $40 for shipping

Total outlay: between $980 ($995 if you add in return shipping of the kit) and $1130. That last amount is if you do all three days, keep all the tools, and live in CA or some other far off place.

The class follows a series of six sessions.  We start at 9am on the Saturday morning and aim to finish up at 4:30pm on Monday afternoon.
Saturday:  9 - 12; 1 - 4 (EDT).
Sunday: 9 -  12; 1 - 4 (EDT).
Monday: 9 -  12; 1 - 4:30 (EDT).

There is a talk and demonstration of steps of the process at the beginning of each session.  They are:
- introduction to getting imagery onto your block(s)
- carving and sharpening
- introduction to printing (with a focus on making paste, using the pigments, handling the paper)
- more about printing (with a focus on the brushes and the baren)
- about time management and edition printing (how to wrap up your project), analogies to help make your project a success: the gardening analogy, the theater analogy.

- finishing.  About drying and signing your prints.  About continuing on past the class.

We keep the Zoom sessions open for the full three hours of each session.  Much of the time you will find yourself working along in your own space but aware through your computer Zoom portal of the company of others also working away.  Suggested to purchase is an i-phone holder to be able to run a second window so we can see your work area. 

We plan to limit the class to 10 participants.
To sign up for the class visit the CAA web-site.
If you wish to participate or know more, please call me at 603-306-6547 or send me a note.

The below payment button is for the Level 1 tools and materials deposit.  Shipping charges (and an additional $150 if you'd like to work with a murasaki baren) we will work out though a stripe payment portal on this site.

To pay Matt the tools and materials fee ($85) plus the refundable tools deposit, Level 1 (standard baren) @ $325, a total of $410: 

Matt Brown . . . . . . . 23 Washburn Hill Rd. Lyme, NH 03768 . . . . . . 603-795-4619. . . . . .