The Ocean

Trips over the years have taken me and my family to the coast of Maine, often to one of the islands, during the summer months. Places we have visited that have a place in my print repertoire include:

-Great Diamond Island
-Little Cranberry Island
-Matinicus Island
-Stonington (Deer Isle)
-Little Thrumcap Island (near Boothbay Harbor)
-Wells. ME
-Plum Island, MA


  • Pemaquid from Little Thrumcap
    Pemaquid from Little Thrumcap, 16" x 7"
  • Waves on Little Thrumcap
    Waves on Little Thrumcap, 16" x 7"
    Moon over Mt. Desert
    Moon over Mt. Desert Island,
    2nd state, 7" x 16"
    Afternoon at Plum Island
    Afternoon at Plum Island, 7" x 16"
    Afternoon at Plum Island
    Boathouses @Islesford, 7" x 16"
A Maine Morning
A Maine Morning, 6" x9"
Four Orders for Clams
Four Orders for Clams
  • Stonington Geraniums
    Stonington Geraniums
    Bell Buoy at Dawn
    Bell Buoy at Dawn
    Rocks on Little Cranberry
    Rocks on Little Cranberry
    • Matinicus Morning
      Matinicus Morning
    • Heavenly Day
      Heavenly Day
    Lobster Dogs
    Lobster Dogs
    • Beach Ball
      Beach Ball, 6" x 9"
    • Hussey Sound
      Hussey Sound

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