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My prints reflect the beautiful places around my home and sights I've found during my travels.


What is it about birds?

For me, it is the idea of their point of view, they experience their life on this earth so differently than we do. Our relationship to them is distant, but they offer us the idea of a wonderful perspective. The tradition of bird imagery in Japanese ukiyo-e art is particularly indicative of this quality, expressing the fleeting nature of life, the beauty of holding an awareness of the brief and passing moment.Though I have made no new bird prints in some time, I know it is a theme I will be returning to.



  • Egret
  • Great Blue Heron, 2nd state
    Great Blue Heron, 2nd state
  • Great Blue Heron, 2nd state
    Great Blue Heron,
  • Osprey
  • Red-winged Blackbird
    Red-winged Blackbird, 4th state
  • Seagulls over Seventh Ave.
    Seagulls over Seventh Ave.
  • Waxwings Along Grant Brook
    Waxwings Along Grant Brook
  • Grosbeaks on Lambert Ridge
    Grosbeaks on Lambert Ridge
  • Pemaquid from Little Thrumcap
    Pemaquid from Little Thrumcap

  • Geese Above the Connecticut

    Geese Above the Connecticut
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