The Gallery

Welcome to my Matt Brown Web-site Gallery.

You'll find displays of my prints arranged according to subject matter. Some prints may appear in duplicate categories.

These prints represent the bulk of my work. My prints reflect the beautiful places around my home and sights I've found during my travels.

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New York City

I am fascinated by New York City. Though I know of it only from visits (well I did live in New York for one month, the month of October, 2001, after the 9/11 event) I feel like it is an important part of my psyche.

There have been so many drawings I have made involving NYC themes it is humbling to realize I have only finished one print since 2001.




  • Times Square at Night
    Times Sq. at Night
  • Brody in Brooklyn
    Brody in Brooklyn
  • Qe2 @ Manhattan
    Qe2 @ Manhattan
  • Battery Park City
    Battery Park City
  • Seagulls over Seventh Ave.
    Seagulls over Seventh Ave.
  • Subway Musicians
    Subway Musicians
  • Manhattan Rickshaw
    Manhattan Rickshaw
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