Print Sizes

The tall vertical and wide horizontal prints are approx. 7" x 16".   We mount these in frames which have an O.D. of 14" x 24 3/4".

The square prints are 10" x 10".  These go into frames which have an O.D. of 16 3/4" x 19 3/4".

Smaller prints are mostly 6" x 9" and 5" x 7".

Large prints:
king Ravine Above King Ravine $220
Afternoon on Plum Island Afternoon on Plum Island $220
along franconia Along Franconia Ridge, 2nd state edition sold out
Fenway Park April Evening at Fenway Park $220
Aspen Highlands Aspen Highlands $220
Below Mt . Pemi Below Mt. Pemigewassett, second state $220
Boathouses Boathouses @ Islesford $220
Cog Railway Cog Railway $220
stowe December Afternoon, Stowe, VT $220
East of Moosilaukee East of Moosilauke $220
Egret Egret $220
Evening Evening on Lake Winnipesaukee $220
Frankenstein Trestle Frankenstein Trestle $220
great blue heron Great Blue Heron $165
greenleaf Greenleaf Above Franconia Notch $220
Lakes of the Clouds Lakes of the Clouds $220
Little Cottonwood Little Cottonwood Canyon $220
Moon over Mt.Desert Moon over Mt. Desert Island edition sold out
Mt. Washington Mt. Washington from LIttle Haystack $220
Osprey Osprey above the Connecticut $165
Pemaquid Pemaquid from Little Thrumcap $220
Rain over Squam Lake Rain over Squam Lake edition sold out
Sailing on Lake Sunapee Sailing on Lake Sunapee $220
snow on cannon Snow on Cannon Mtn, 2nd state $220
storm Storm on Mt. Moosilauke $220
Camel's Hump Summer Day and Camel's Hump
The Great Gulf The Great Gulf $220
Times Sq at Night Times Sq. at Night $220
Tuckerman's Tuckerman's from Wildcat Mtn $220
Waves Waves on Litle Thrumcap $220
Windrows along the CT Windrows Along the Connecticut $220
Smaller prints:
A Maine Morning A Maine Morning $120
April Window April Window $120
Battery Park City Battery Park City $100
Beach Ball Beach Ball $165
Bees by the Trees Bees by the Trees, 2nd state $120
Bell Buouy Bell Buoy at Dawn $120
Big Apple Circus Big Apple Circus $120
Boardwalk Boardwalk at Matinicus $120
Church at Slimbridge Church at Slimbridge $100
Emma dog Emma-dog Visitng the Nemiah Forest $120
Fallen Fence-line Fallen Fence-line $120
Fishing the Headwaters Fishing the Headwaters $100
Four Orders for Clams Four Orders for Clams $120
Geese Above the CT Geese Above the Connecticut edition sold out
Hussey Sound Hussey Sound $120
ice fishing Ice-fishing on Lake Fairlee $120
In the Bed In the Bed $80
Knitting Knitting $80
Lobster Dogs Lobster Dogs $120
Looking for Pip-paps Looking for Pip-paps $120
Low Tide Low Tide $100
Matinicus AM Matinicus Morning $120
Mossilauke Moosilauke $100
My Studio My Studio $120
Orange in October Orange in October $120
Out Past the Rocks Out Past the Rocks $120
Paradise at Mad River Paradise at Mad River Glen $120
Pines of Winnipesauke Pines of Winnipesauke $120
QE 2 QE 2 at Manhattan $100
Riverbend Farm Riverbend Farm $120
Red-winged Blackbird Red-winged Blackbird $120
Rocks on Little Cranberry Rocks on Little Cranberry $100
Rocks Below Ft. Gorges Rocks Below Ft. Gorges $150
Seagulls over Seventh Ave. Seagulls over Seventh Avenue $120
Smarts by Moonlight Smarts by Moonlight $120
Smarts in the Morning Smarts in the Morning $100
Smarts from Lyme Hill Smarts from Lyme Hill $120
Smarts from Pout Pond Smarts from Pout Pond $120
Smarts from Thetford Hill Smarts from Thetford Hill $120
Snow Geese Snow Geese in October $100
Stonignton Grnms Stonington Geraniums $165
Stonignton Hardware Stonington Hardware $100
Through the Lilacs Through the Lilacs $120
Water in the Sand Water in the Sand $120
Waxwings Waxwings Along Grant Brook $120

Editions sold out:

Below Mt. Pemi Below Mt. Pemigewassett, first state  
Bees by the Trees Bees by the Trees, first state  
Brody in Brooklyn Brody in Brooklyn  
Early conversations Early Conversations  
Footprints on Lambert Footprints on Lambert Ridge  
Ginger Ginger and Her Echo Orchestra  
Great B
                        lue Heron Great Blue Heron, 1st state  
grosbeaks Grosbeaks on Lambert Ridge  
Heavenly Day Heavenly Day  
Morning Glory Morning Morning Glory Morning  
smrts frm skiway Smarts from the Skiway  
Smarts from Reservoir Pond Smarts from Reservoir Pond  
The Astronomer The Astronomer, 1st state  
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