Color Woodblock Class in Weybridge, VT


Andrew Plaut, who took the class in 2020, wrote:

Matt, and Christine

Thanks once again for a wonderful three days. I learned very much, it was a beautiful location, and the food and camaraderie was unexcelled. What more can I say?  I'll eagerly send along anyone who wants a new perspective on art, printmaking in particular, and learned exposure to the art of the Eastern world.

June 15 - 17  and June 29 - July 1, 2024, at the Cotton Free Library, Weybridge, VT.

The Cotton Free Library, a beautiful historic library building in the Quaker Village area of the Town of Weybridge, VT, is my favorite place to teach. Less than 10 mins north of Middlebury, this 1913 building overlooks an exciting part of the Otter Creek River, just below the Lower Falls dam. 
Inside is a fine work space: high ceilings, suitable-height counters, generous floor space so everyone gets a well-lit printing station below large windows, an old book collection emits positive vibes. All this is just three doors down from our house where we offer meals on a deck in our back-yard or in the generous dining room of our 1820 house which at one time was an inn. We are also offer lodgings at nearby neighbors' houses.  Inns in located in Middlebury and in Vergennes are not far.  A campground in next door New Haven, VT is quite fine (located at the spot where the New Haven River meets the Otter Creek).

Tuition for the three days is $625. This includes
all tools and materials to participate.  Meals, lodging, and purchases of tools or materials you might wish to keep after the class (printing jigs, carving sets, barens) are additional $.

- $625 for the class tuition
- Meals package (3 lunches, 2 dinners) @ $110; individual meals: lunch @ $20, dinner @ $30.
- Lodging @ $115/ night, self-serve breakfast fixings included. (A neighbor's farmhouse about 3 miles north of class location.)
- Airbnb @ $145/ night: at our house (none available for 2024)

Class schedule:
The class follows a series of six sessions.  We start at 10 am on the Saturday morning and aim to finish up at 4:30pm on Monday afternoon.
Saturday:  10 - 12:30; 1:30 - 4:30.
Sunday: 9 -  12:30; 1:30 - 4:30.
Monday: 9:30 -  12:30; 1:30 - 4:30.

There is a talk and demonstration of steps of the process at the beginning of each session.  They are:
- introduction to getting imagery onto your block(s)
- carving and sharpening
- introduction to printing (with a focus on making paste, using the pigments, handling the paper)
- more about printing (with a focus on the brushes and the baren)
- finishing.  About drying and signing your prints.  About continuing on past the class.
- there are also discussions of art theory, of edition printing (how to wrap up your project), of time management, of the function of making art, of The Energy Theory of Color.

If you wish to participate, or to know more, feel free to call me at 603-306-6547, or send me a note.
If you feel confidant you want to do the class, you may hold a spot by sending a deposit of $200 (include a note of which class weekend you are holding a spot for). Classes are first come, first serve. I plan to run a waiting list.
If something comes up and you have to cancel, I will refund 1/2 your deposit ($100).


Some photos from classes of 2020:




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