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Note from the shipping dept:

These last few weeks have been a perfect storm of events making it difficult to keep up with "ship in time to arrive by Xmas" orders.* Next Xmas season we surely hope to be better organized!

If you are worried that your print order may not arrive in time, or are seeking a last minute Xmas present, we are working out a gift certificate option on the new web-site. My son Nathaniel says by Tuesday (12/23) he will have a system set up for you to print out a sweet-looking certficate for your gift.

*My excuses? A commission that took weeks longer to finish than expected, my Mom in the hospital, stronger sales (as in twice last year's levels) at two recent shows, participating in a court case we didn't expect, two unexpected trips to Cleveland and D. C. related to family and to business . . . . its been a challenge!


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